With parents increasingly taking on the role of teaching their children from home, we wanted to provide you with some simple easy to follow tools to assist you in your homeschooling endeavor and help you keep your sanity in the process.

The data provided for you in this short course contains the exact same tools Applied Scholastics has used to train tens of thousands of teachers across the world to better manage their classrooms and increase student cooperation.

We know it will help you too!
Applied Scholastics Spanish Lake Campus

Applied Scholastics International

Applied Scholastics International has opened the doors of opportunity for millions of children and adults by implementing effective educational programs in a vast array of settings.

This effectiveness is based upon our use of Study Technology, the advanced educational tools and methods developed by author and educator, L. Ron Hubbard.

As part of our organization’s ongoing mission and commitment to improve learning outcomes and student achievement the world over, we are proud to present you with this free course.

"An educational program which begins with the child's parents, progresses through kindergarten and grade school, through high school and into college and preserves at every step the indiviuality, the native ambitions, intelligence, abilities and dynamics of the individual, is the best bastion against not only mediocrity but any and all enemies of mankind."
–L. Ron Hubbard

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